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Unlock your full potential
What is the Mentorship Program about?

What is the Mentorship Program

Unlock Your Full Potential with Mentorship The EDGE Mentorship Program is designed to empower purpose-driven innovators to reach their next milestone in driving meaningful change. Spanning from September 2024 to February 2025, our six-month program offers a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth. With a global reach, participants can join from anywhere in the world.

Why a mentorship program?

To empower purpose-driven Innovators to reach their full potential! At tech2impact, we believe in the transformative power of networking and guidance to create positive change through innovation and technology.

We know what it is like to be an innovator, create something from scratch, and see it through. You are facing various challenges, obstacles, and roadblocks on the way and sometimes it can feel overwhelming and quite lonely on this ride.

That's why having a mentor is a game-changer! Whether it is a coach, helping you to get rid of roadblocks, an experienced founder or industry leader, sharing their experience and strategic insights, or skills experts helping you reach your next milestone, you will find YOUR mentor in our global network!


September 2024 – February 2025 (6 months)
Global participation, accessible from anywhere
Online, offering convenient 1-on-1 mentorship sessions
Target Audience
For all purpose-driven innovators
Why Join?

Engage in 1:1 mentoring sessions with your mentor, receiving personalized guidance and feedback tailored to your needs and goals.


Early-stage Startup Founder
Building tech solutions to make this world a better place
Innovator in a large-scale organization
Like corporate and institutions, committed to making a meaningful impact
Scale-up Founder or Team Member
Seeking for guidance to accelerate the growth of their purpose tech solutions
Tailored Offerings For Members
How to Join
Fill out the Application Form
Select your 3 preferred mentors and apply online through the form below, sharing insights about your experience, goals, motivation, and what you hope to achieve during the program.
Membership Enrollment
Only tech2impact startup, scale up and corporate members can access the mentorship program. Explore our membership plans overview and choose the one that suits you best.
Application Confirmation
Our team reviews your application to ensure alignment with the program's objectives and will promptly get back to you.
Mentor-Mentee Matching
Once the application deadline passes, we will send your profile to the mentors you have selected. Mentors will review profiles and select mentees based on compatibility and expertise.
Program Timeline
  1. Application Open

  2. Registration

  3. Application Close

  4. Matching

  5. Kickoff

  6. Mentorship Program

  7. Program Closure

Meet Your Mentors
Who can be your mentor?
An experienced founder, who can share their insights on launching and scaling businesses
An industry leader, who can provide strategic advice and industry insights
A skilled expert, who can offer targeted guidance and coach to develop skills in a particular area
A coach, who can help you overcome limiting beliefs and build confidence
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