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Maximize your ESG results with innovation
We provide services to support you in
Transitioning into purpose-driven innovation
Collaborating with startups
Driving intrapreneurship culture
Showcasing yourself as a thought leader
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Purpose-Driven Innovation Expertise
We specialize in guiding companies to maximize their ESG impact through innovation
Cross-Industry Innovation Experience
Our team has a proven track record across multiple industries, allowing us to bring fresh perspectives and best practices tailored to your sector.
Multidisciplinary Innovation Approach
We take a comprehensive view by combining technical, business strategy, and social & environmental impact lenses to drive holistic innovation programs.
Customized Programs, Not One-Size-Fits-All
Our services are highly customized to your unique business situation, innovation maturity, and desired outcomes.
Fueling innovation with a global network backbone
By working with tech2impact, you can tap into a g lobal network of 1000+ members with groundbreaking innovation solutions
Collaboration with Startups
Drive open innovation and accelerate your impact through strategic startup partnerships facilitated by tech2impact BOOST. Our team leverages deep experience running accelerators and innovation programs like tech2impact Accelerator, DDLab for GIZ & enpact, and REDpreneur Ukraine to design tailored collaboration programs.
Accelerator Program
Collaborate with startups developing solutions for your specific innovation challenges, paving the way for potential pilots.
Corporate Challenge
Crowdsource innovative solutions through a dedicated scouting campaign where startups compete to tackle your specific business problems or strategic imperative.
Topic based programs
For startups under certain topic/industry relevant for you, aimed at positioning your company as thought leader, expert and supporter of startups
Innovation Day Startup Corporate Collaboration
event that connects your organization's key decision makers and innovation teams with a hand-picked pool of startups aligned with your priorities, fostering partnership opportunities.
Corporate-Startup Pilot Facilitation
Tailored program to support your collaboration with startup(s) during pilot phase.
Empower internal innovation
We provide comprehensive internal innovation services to cultivate entrepreneurial mindsets and unleash the creative potential within your organization. Our tailored programs empower your workforce to drive innovation from the inside out, fostering a culture of intrapreneurship aligned with your strategic vision.
Intrapreneurship Program
Nurture entrepreneurial thinking through our structured intrapreneurship program, providing guidance and mentorship to transform innovative ideas into viable solutions from within your teams.
Innovation Bootcamps
1-2 day intensive bootcamps featuring curated content, expert-led sessions, and immersive learning experiences tailored to your priorities to spark your employees' curiosity for innovation
Innovation Workshops
Upskill your workforce with specialized workshops covering essential topics like purpose-driven innovation, aligning innovation with ESG strategies, impact measurement frameworks, and cultivating an innovation-driven team culture
Positioning you as Innovation Leader
We provide tailored events and content marketing initiatives to reinforce your innovation leadership. We co-host curated networking experiences and innovation days connecting startups to your teams. Our global channels amplify compelling thought leadership content that we collaborate on creating with you. We leverage our expertise to execute seamless events and co-create narratives that cement your brand as an industry vanguard pioneering innovation.
Custom event on purpose-driven topic
From concept to the event day, we will guide you and support at each step of the way.
Industry networking
An exclusive networking event powered by you and co-hosted by us, designed to forge meaningful connections within industry. You will be spotlighted as an industry leader to the curated participants, like investors, startups, and institutions for unparalleled networking opportunities.
Scholarship for startup membership
Provide the scholarship of tech2impact membership for promising startups in your field of interest and empower their further development.
Elin Baranyai-Ulvestad

Working with tech2impact on our REDpreneur program in Ukraine has been a game-changer. Their dedication to excellence, coupled with their genuine care for our participants, shines through in every aspect of their work. They not only meet our expectations but exceed them, consistently delivering results with heart and soul.

Elin Baranyai-Ulvestad
REDpreneur Program Manager in Austrian Red Cross
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