Who we are

For the global network of purpose-driven innovators.
Who we are
Our mission at tech2impact is to catalyse purposeful innovation. We achieve this through our global network of 1000+ innovators who connect and collaborate, united by a shared purpose to transform industries, people, and the planet.
In addition, we host a personal development program for innovators and offer innovation services for enterprise partners, mainly specializing in purposeful innovation and maximizing companies' ESG results through innovation.
1000+ members, 400+ purpose driven startups, 50+ partners, 100+ investor members, 60+ Mentors, 79 Startup Alumni, 60+ Countries, 5 Accelerator Programs

Holistic Approach
To Purpose-Driven

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Connect with our global network of over 1000+ purpose-driven innovators through tech2impact HUB. As a member, you can access the members hub, facilitated 1o1 introductions, curated events, knowledge resources, and our 6-month mentorship program - all designed to foster collaboration and drive positive change across industries, society, and the planet.
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Accelerate your growth as an innovative visionary through our EDGE personal and professional development offerings. Our signature program includes 1-on-1 mentorship from industry leaders and coaches, complemented by comprehensive online peer2peer exchange sessions. Additional workshops and resources equip you with the mindset and skills to reach your highest potential.
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Maximize your organization's impact and leadership through our BOOST innovation services. We guide enterprises in adopting purpose-driven practices, cultivate innovation & entrepreneurship culture through intrapreneurship programs, and facilitate startup collaboration opportunities to drive sustainable transformation and advance your ESG results.

Our Approach

Purpose Technology BusinessPurpose technology business
What is purpose driven innovation?
Purposeful innovation is the practice of developing new products or services with a meaningful goal or vision at its heart. Purpose can be defined uniquely for each company, whether in environmental sustainability, social welfare, or another area that adds value to society.

Our approach

We are multilingual! We speak tech, business, and purpose, we are harnessing our experience across various fields. We leverage our comprehensive expertise to forge synergies between pioneering ideas, commercial players, and impactful goals that transform industries and society.


Purpose is like a clear map, a guiding principle, that directs innovation to transform industries, people and the planet - for the better.
tech2impact is the global network for purpose-driven innovators. Our mission is to catalyze purposeful innovation. We do that by empowering innovative visionaries to reach their fullest potential to forge a better future and guiding enterprises to maximize their ESG results through innovation to lead and shape their industries.
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June 5, 2024
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